Sunday, February 26, 2006

the easy way out

I'm sorry I haven't been writing. First our internet connection was down for almost a week. Then we had weekend family visitors. And then I just had too much baby poop on me to touch the computer. So now, after all that, I have taken the easy road and done my first meme. I feel like a cheap floozy of a blogger. But then again, maybe you will get to know me a little better, and maybe I will have a little extra time to go wash my poop-encrusted self so I can write a bigger, better entry.

Four non-teaching jobs I've had:
  • nanny
  • travel agent
  • concert manager
  • volunteer development
Four Authors, Books, or Series I read over and over:
  • Roald Dahl
  • Barbara Kingsolver
  • Virginia Woolf
  • parts of the Bible that interest me
Four movies I can watch over and over:
  • Next Stop Wonderland
  • Rocky I
  • Ciao Professore
  • Meet the Parents
Four TV shows I love(d):
  • I Love Lucy
  • All in the Family
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm
  • Globe Trekker
Four places I've lived:
  • Greater Philadelphia
  • Florence, Italy
  • Boston
  • New York
Four places to vacation:
  • Philadelphia (we fell in love there, so...)
  • Maine
  • Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Italy
Four sites I visit/use daily:
  • Hotmail
  • Google
  • Weather
  • Unwellness
Four people I'd like to meet in person, based on their blogs:
(sorry - too lazy to link. see my list on the left.)
  • Jen of Addition Problems
  • Lisa of A Letter to My Children
  • Em of Eggs Akimbo
  • Reesh of 2 Pink Lines
  • (many others too!)
Four foods I yearn for:
  • clementines
  • a bialy with butter
  • salmon sashimi
  • coffee (milk, 1 sugar)
Four inventions I'm grateful for:
  • musical instruments
  • hot showers
  • refrigerators
  • electric breast pumps!
Four musical choices for my personal soundtrack:
  • Stevie Wonder
  • Jill Scott
  • Astrud Gilberto
  • Abbey Lincoln
Four nouns that describe me:
  • singer
  • dreamer
  • skeptic
  • individual


Blogger Jen said...

Welcome back. We missed ya! (and I am pleased indeed to have made the list!)

5:34 PM  
Anonymous bri said...

Three things:

I think it's very interesting that you and I have none of our TV shows, movies or authors in common and yet we are such good friends.

I think it's very interesting that you love Globe Trekker but don't love travelling. And also I watched it a couple of times while I was sick and it was quite good - good scenery.

I am glad you are back. When I am sure I won't cough up any phlegm on the twins, Wes and I would very much like to come over and do weird things with your babies. I imagine their increased size means increased opportunities to pose them in potentially embarrassing positions.

8:36 AM  
Blogger lagiulia said...

Yes, it's weird we have practically nothing in common and yet we're such good friends. I think it's cuz we're so pretty, we can relate to each other and exchange beauty strategies. And also, you're right, I do not love traveling, but I like it sometimes. Like if someone handed me a ticket to anywhere in Italy, I'd be on that plane in no time flat (and would hope it was a one-way!).

8:51 AM  
Blogger Reesh said...

This is how slow I am at keeping up with blogs these days!! I totally here ya on taking a break from blogging, interacting with real humans, especially my daughter, is just more important these days. Thanks for keeping up with my blog and for mentioning me in your meme. You will be missed...


12:23 AM  

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