Friday, October 07, 2005

Did you ever hear the one about the pregnant lady with the green juice, the short cervix, and the broken down car?

We went to the doctor's this morning. I had to take the 3 hour glucose test for gestational diabetes. What a pain! First of all, you can't eat anything from 12AM on the night before. Next, you have to go to the office around 9AM to get your blood drawn pre-test. Next you have to drink a bottle of this super SUPER sugary green liquid. It's even sweeter than the one you have to drink for the 1 hour test. Keep in mind this is all on an empty stomach. You then have to get your blood drawn once an hour for 3 hours. I am already prone to nausea and vomiting with this pregnancy, so it is truly a M-I-R-A-C-L-E that I didn't lose it during all this time. I was really fortunate that they had an empty exam room where I could lie on my side and watch a movie on my computer while waiting. I don't think it would've worked if I'd had to be in the waiting room.

The other thing they did was measure my cervix. It has been at 2cm for 2 weeks now. Today it was at 1.7cm. They said this was good. When I asked if this meant I would go for a while yet, they said that it was a good thing, but that cervix length can go from 2cm to .2cm without explanation, so they couldn't make any promises. Phooey! At least for now we can be happy it hasn't shortened too much. They also did another fFN test, which predicts whether there's a 40% chance you'll go into labor within the next 2 weeks. The positive fFN and shortened cervix two weeks ago today is what landed me in the hospital in the first place. Well, it's 2 weeks later, and we don't have babies yet thank God, so if I get another positive I won't be so upset. But my doctor said I may have to go for another hospital stay to get more magnesium (please, no!!!) if it's positive. Another doctor in the practice said that he didn't think there was much use in putting me back in the hospital, but they would cross that bridge later. I was supposed to get the results of the test this afternoon, but I didn't because I never called because we had car trouble.

Yes, that's right. After 3+ hours of getting through the nauseating glucose test, what should happen but the car we borrowed from a friend to get us back and forth from Brooklyn to the Upper East Side died! Well, I should say the battery died. We were only a few minutes from the doctor's office, about to get on a highway when it happened. Thank God that we were not on the highway yet and right by a gas station. SP was very manly. He hopped out of the car, which was in the middle lane on a congested street, and pushed and steered the car backward onto the side of the road, next to the gas station. Macho, macho man! Seriously, though, I was really quite impressed. To make a long story short, jumping it didn't work, so SP ended up hiking 14 blocks to an auto goods store and buying a battery, which after much struggle was installed by a service guy who worked at the gas station. My friend, the owner of the car, left her job to come meet us and help out. We all ended up in rush hour traffic coming home. I ended up home at 6PM, 4 hours later than I should've been here. So much for bedrest, eh? Well, at least I got a good dose of the outside world today. Afterall, bedrest can be so very boring, you know.


Anonymous bri said...

Good heavens that is a crappy day! More than a big enough dose of the outside world for one day, that's for sure. I hope the rest of your weekend was calm and quiet in a good, non-totally-boring way.

I can come over for a bit tomorrow if you'd like.

12:47 PM  

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