Sunday, September 18, 2005

Week in review: the Good and the Bad

The Good:
  • I have the best husband - no, make that partner- , pretty much in the history of the entire universe. Infinity and no backsies.
  • Some of my friends and family called and/or e-mailed this week to check in on me.
  • I only vomited 3 times this week.
  • In childbirth class, the teacher fast-forwared through the part of the video featuring couples dressed in white leotards practicing breathing and relaxation techniques.
  • The babies are growing nicely and still kicking with great force!
  • I think I averaged only 5 bathroom visits per night, down from 6.
  • I am within a good weight-gain range for twins. Even with all the vomiting, I have somehow managed to gain 38 lbs. Hurrah!
  • I did what I was supposed to and rested for most of the week, without feeling too lazy or guilty or bored.
  • We were told by the doctor on Friday that my cervical length is stable for now, so we feel a little less worried.
  • I will be able to teach for 4 hours this week, which seems very exciting to me after a week of almost complete bedrest.
The Bad:
  • Due to bedrest, I know much more about daytime TV than I care to. (PS- We don't have cable of any kind .)
  • My hands are numb when I wake up sometimes, and I have to clap them together limply as though doing an impression of a seal to get the feeling back.
  • My legs do not particularly feel like supporting the 38lbs. I have gained so far.
  • It's still hot and humid.
  • SP tirelessly worked on freelance stuff in the evening hours, while also having to make me dinner, wash the dishes, and keep his sanity. I am so grateful, but I worry.
  • Vomiting has become such a regular affair around here that the other night SP nonchalantly said to me, "Hey, I think you have some dry vomit on your glasses." And he was right. YUCK!


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