Saturday, September 17, 2005

I'm too sexy for my body

Okay, I've tried to make it work, I really have. But it's come to the point where the belly just gets in the way of sex. Whoever is swingin' her partner like there ain't no tomorrow while sporting a huge twin belly is performing a great physical feat, in my opinion. And on top of the physical aspect, there is the knowledge that we really shouldn't be messing around, when my cervical length has shortened a lot lately. (Too much information, you say? Too bad, this is my blog, and you will hear about my cervix!) Let's face it, poking and prodding and/or spasming down there is just not what the doctor ordered to keep everything in tact. What is left, you say? How about a nice sensual massage or a good old fashioned make-out session or some tender caressing? I'm pregnant, not dead, people! I want to get it on! So while I really, really love this experience of being pregnant and watching my belly grow huge and would not trade it for the world, ....well, I must admit that I will enjoy getting back to normal, once the babies are outta there safe and sound. I'll be able to do the dishes without hurting my back, bend over to put on my underwear without help, and yes- DO IT!

And please do not write in and tell me that once the babies come I will never get to do it again. Just humor me, 'kay?


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