Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The malocchi

Things have improved a bit since I gave into the idea that I don't have to be everywhere and do everything for everyone. J will survive without me going to the hospital every day, though I still want either SP or myself to visit him at least once daily. And he is in fact getting closer to being healthy enough to come home. We don't know how close, and we don't want to jinx anything with assumptions or guesses, so we'll just leave it at that. That's life in the NICU. You never know whether to bring a bag that contains your baby's "going home" outfit, or whether to make plans to spend the holidays at the hospital.

In other news, M and I have gotten to know each other a little better in the past few days. He's a terrific little guy. Among his talents is his ability to baaaaa like a sheep when he is drifting off to sleep. He can also whinny like a baby horse when he is crying. Anyone need a baby who does animal impressions for their next event? Anyone? Our rates are very reasonable. Speaking of making money off of your newborn, SP thinks that J could be a baby model because of his very round face and fat little cheeks. I would have to agree, but I worry about his eyes, which stare at you with such intensity that you might think he's giving you the malocchi (evil eye), and perhaps he is. I have a feeling he didn't like being sat on for eight months. Perhaps that experience shaped his attitude even in utero. Can you blame him?

SP has proven to be a great dad so far. He is very loving and intuitive with the babies. What amazes me is how people give him such props for being a good dad. For example, I was going to the NICU all day every day for a few weeks, and none of the nurses ever commented to me on what a great mom I am. He goes there without me for a day, and they are all telling him (and me, the next day) what a great father he is. Also, when they ask who is taking care of M while I'm at the hospital with J and I tell them my husband is, they are shocked that I would trust him with my son's care. Hello! I don't think it would be a good idea to have a baby with someone you couldn't trust to care for it, do you? There's no one else I feel more comfortable with leaving my son. What a weird, backward world this is. But anyway.


Anonymous bri said...

ARGH! That is one of Wes' and my most gigantic pet peeves - people who call it "babysitting" when Dad is taking care of the baby. It drives me absolutely CRAZY! AND I believe that it is about half the fault of men who don't do what they should but also about half the fault of women who think men can't do anything "right." Hate hate hate that.

I can't wait to meet these guys! And I'm glad that you are giving yourself just the eensiest bit of a break on being all things to all twins. I can't even fathom how hard this all must be. We are thinking of you guys every day.

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