Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The UPS Man is my friend.

My faith in the world has been restored through one little gesture. Maybe it's because I'm isolated from the outside world. Maybe it's because I'm so very immobile now as a result of my gargantuan size. Either way, someone making a little extra effort for me makes me so grateful these days.

It began when the UPS Man rang the doorbell. I felt heartbroken that I would miss yet another delivery because I am not allowed to go down the stairs to the first floor of our apartment building and let him in. (We moved to this neighborhood just a couple months ago and don't know our neighbors well enough yet to ask them to sign for us, other than our apartment building neighbors who are never home.) But I decided this time to stick my head out of my bedroom window and beg him just to leave the package on the doorstep. Alas, he said he could not leave it without a signature, just as I had assumed. I was about to give up when he suggested I throw down my keys to him so he could open the door and bring it up. When he arrived at my door, package in hand, I almost felt alarmed to see a face at my door that wasn't SP's and sort of winced at his presence.

I was in a robe and my hair was all wet and messy because I had just finished my shower, which I take once every three days by the way, so lucky for him. The only problem was that my robe barely wraps around my huge belly, so I was kind of afraid that my privates were showing, though I myself could not see beyond my belly to check. (I didn't have enough time to do the complicated ritual of putting on my underwear by myself, you see.) Finally I caught my breath and clumsily, awkwardly, and apologetically explained that I'm not allowed down the stairs because of risk of preterm labor, so sorry and thank you. And it just seemed so sweet when he smiled and said, "The UPS Man encounters these things every day, ma'am. Don't worry, we understand." Someone understands. Thanks, UPS Man, for going the extra mile. You made my day.

(And by the way, I did a check in the mirror after he was gone and saw that my privates were indeed well-covered by the robe, thank heavens!)


Anonymous bri said...

That is very sweet. But it could be the fibro making me tear up... love you. Hope I will be better enough to come eat cookies with you again soon.

10:11 PM  
Blogger Martha said...

Bless his UPS Heart!

1:43 PM  

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