Monday, December 19, 2005

Our schedule

Visiting nurse comes to show me how to administer epogen shots to J.
J goes for a follow-up to the pediatrician. She is concerned by my comment today that he is a little pale. May draw blood.
Both boys go for bilateral hip sonograms, to check their hip alignment as a result of having been over-crowded in utero. (As I've said before, boys, you could have expanded out to the side to give yourselves more room. Just a thought for next time.)
J goes to the endocrinologist for another couple of tests- thyroid and some stress hormone level.
J goes to the hemotologist.
We get ready for Christmas. (For the record, we haven't had time to buy a single gift. I guess I'll be giving people coupons for jokes and hugs.)
We host Christmas for my parents and my sister. (Better figure out what to make and get the groceries delivered. No turkey this year- too much work. How do BLTs sound?)
Monday - Tuesday:
My sister hangs around. She is out from Colorado for the holidays, sans partner. She will be meeting the boys for the first time.
I go for an overdue post-partem OB appointment and hopefully shop for some pants and shirts that actually fit. (My old clothes are too small and maternity clothes are too big. I have plateaued and am basically left with being naked as my best option right now. -And that ain't pretty, what with the stretch marks and big jiggly pouch of skin and fat that just hangs there. Egad.)


Blogger Jen said...

Honey, don't have GROCERIES delivered. Have DINNER delivered. The last thing you need to be worried about is entertaining.

Being worried is natural. I hope things calm down and that your level of anxiety over the boys' health diminishes in the next few days (since anxiety over the schedule may be unavoidable!).

My dad (of all people) had a good tip for shopping under extreme time pressure - and I think you qualify (!!). Around here the major grocery stores all have a wide array of gift cards right by the checkouts, so you can get a whole bunch of cards for different stores in one fell swoop. They're for stores like Borders, Target, Blockbuster, and more. I don't know if they have them at grocery stores in your neck of the woods but it's a thought.

But I still think you've earned the right to blow off gifts entirely this year. Tell 'em the boys are their gifts and they damn well better enjoy them! :)

3:18 PM  

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