Friday, September 16, 2005

A typical conversation

Setting: 11:15 PM. We're in bed, ready to go to sleep. SP's got to get up early for work tomorrow.
JB: You know that song that goes something like, "I put my hands on your hips when you dip, I dip, we dip"? They used to play it in clubs?
SP: Yeah.
JB: Well is that about... like, intercourse?
SP: What?!?
JB: Well, you know, "when you dip" would be like when you dip it in someone?
SP: No, I think it's about dancing.
JB: Are you sure? Because it seems like it should be about sex.
SP: How would that make sense? Sure I can dip something, but what are you gonna dip? It's "I dip" and "you dip."
JB: Well, what about if I had a dildo? Then I could dip. You know, like with a strap on?
SP: I really don't think they're talking about a dildo in that song.
JB: You never know.
(moment of contemplative silence)
SP: Can we go to sleep now?
JB: Yeah. Love you. (smooch)
SP: Love you too. (smooch)
JB: (tossing and turning)
JB: (sighing)
JB: (sighing louder)
SP: Okay, what?
JB: Well, you know that Beach Boys song that goes "wouldn't it be nice if we were older, then we wouldn't have to wait so long"?
SP: Uh, yeah.
JB: What are they having to wait so long for? Are they talking about sex?
SP: Yeah, I guess.
JB: I can't believe that they were talking about wanting to DO it in a Beach Boys song! I mean, don't you think of their lyrics as being more innocent than that? I don't know, I guess I'd have to read all the lyrics for that song to really know for sure.
SP: (silence)
SP: (silence)
JB: SP???
SP: (snooooooooore...)
JB: Okay, we can finish this tomorrow.
SP: (snooooooooore...)
(a couple minutes of silence)
JB: whisper: Good night. I love you.


Anonymous bri said...

That is funny as hell. We have a lot of those, too.

That Beach Boys song is most definitely about sex. My dad played it for me when I was an adolescent and told me about how shocking it was when it came out. It was a fascinating bit of musical history but also gross. Cause it was my dad. Talking about sex.

8:15 PM  

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