Friday, September 16, 2005

All about the babies

As of 26 weeks and 5 days...

Baby A:
You are on the bottom and transverse. (Please consider moving to head down, when it's convenient for you. We do not really want a C-section.) You weigh 2 lbs. 5 oz, in the 50th percentile for your age. According to the doctor, quite impressive for the smaller twin. Your head is big for your body. The doctor said this is fine. It's just that you have a big head like your mother. You were moving a lot. We tried to look at your face, but you kept putting your hand up in front of it, like you were avoiding the paparazzi. Finally, we got a nice frontal face shot. You are undeniably cute, even if you do still kind of look like a martian. If I were ever going to have a martian come live with me, I would definately choose you. Keep growing, and don't let Baby B eat all of the food. Give Baby B a good upward kick in the rear if you need to in order to get your point across. (I would not normally condone sibling violence, but it's all about your growth right now, tiger, so do what you must.)

Baby B:
You are on the top and also transverse, head tilting down. You weigh 2 lbs. 10 oz., which puts you in the 75th percentile of your age. Very impressive for a twin! I hope you are not hogging all the food. Remember, be nice to Baby A! You two may have to share a room for another 9 weeks or so! (Er, actually that will continue once you get out of there too, but I see no reason to break that to you at this point.) Like Baby A, your head is quite big, which I choose to believe means you're both smart. What have you two been doing in there anyway, reading the Classics? You were moving too, but were very willing to give us a beautiful profile shot of your face. You have a great profile: a perfect nose and good chin. I think you will be a model, perhaps. Maybe you'd consider doing one of those baby food or laundry detergent ads? Well, at least think about it. Having twins doesn't come cheap, you know.

To both babies:
I love you both so much already and can't wait to meet you face-to-face. Hang in there!


Anonymous bri said...


I like to think about them in there poking and kicking each other. Which is weird since I wouldn't normally condone sibling violence either. It's just so wild that they're BOTH IN THERE. Ya know? If they had hand eye coordination I would think about them giving one another supportive hand squeezes and maybe hugs. But seeing as they don't, kicking is the most logical contact.

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